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U.K. Parliament approves controversial three-parent mitochondrial gene therapy | Science/AAAS | News

The technique, called mitochondrial DNA replacement therapy, could allow women who carry disease-causing mutations in their mitochondrial genes to give birth to genetically related children free of mitochondrial disease.

The measure, which passed 382 to 128, has been controversial, especially because it would alter the DNA of an embryo in a way that could be passed on to future generations. Some scientists and nongovernmental organizations have argued that not enough is known about possible side effects of the technique to go forward in human…

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Update about the Fire that devastated Russian Academy library | Science/AAAS | News

*Update, 3 February, 11:05 a.m.: This article has been updated to clarify RAS President Vladimir Fortov’s assessment of the damage:

“About 20% of the unique scientific works that were kept in hard copies have been lost forever,” says RAS President Vladimir Fortov. Privately, library staff told ScienceInsider that they believe the damage is much more serious. Documents that escaped burning have probably been damaged by water. Firefighters stated that they did all they could to protect the documents from water.

“It is a huge loss for science in Russia. It is one of the biggest depositories of its kind in the world, probably as important for Russian science as the Library of Congress is for Americans. It has documents which it is impossible to find anywhere else,” Pivovarov says.

The fire may also affect some European humanities research. The library building hosted the German Historical Institute Moscow. “The destruction of the institute brings serious loss to German-Russian scientific relationship and links,” Gleb Albert, a German historian from the University of Zurich in Switzerland, told the Russian online newspaper
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Russia to Create the First Bank of All Life Forms in the World

The first biomaterial bank of all living organisms on the Earth will be created by the Moscow State University, according to MSU president, Viktor Sadovnichy.

At the first stage, the project has received 1 billion roubles ($18,799,000) from the Russian Scientific Fund. The depository for the biomaterials storage is expected to be built on the University’s territory, in the “Vorobyevy Gory” valley.

“We have received the biggest scientific grant in Russia’s modern history. I personally call this project “Noah’s Ark”. We plan to build a special depository – a “data bank” with the information about all life forms on the Earth, including vanished and vanishing species. We’ve set a task to do such thing,” Sadovnichy said.

Russia to Create the First Bank of All Life Forms in the World :: Russia-InfoCentreAuthor: Julia Alieva