EU to Keep Russia Sanctions in Force

The Council of the EU has found no grounds to ease Russia sanctions at a meeting it held on Monday.

EU exports to Moscow saw a 10.5 percent decrease, shrinking from €28.7 billion to €25.6 billion.

EU to Keep Russia Sanctions in Force :: Russia-InfoCentre.

On the 5th of January, nevertheless, France’s president declared:

Western nations should stop threatening Russia with new sanctions and instead offer to ease off on existing restrictions in exchange for progress in the peace process in Ukraine, President François Hollandeof France said in an interview on Monday.

Backing President Vladimir V. Putin into a corner will not work, he said, giving a high-level voice to what is seen as mounting sanctions fatigue among European politicians, as the Ukraine crisis lurches into a second year.

“I’m not for the policy of attaining goals by making things worse,” Mr. Hollande said in the interview on France Inter radio. “I think that sanctions must stop now.”

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Russia’s position is misunderstood, he suggested. “Mr. Putin does not want to annex eastern Ukraine, I am sure — he told me so,” Mr. Hollande said. “What he wants is to remain influential. What Mr. Putin wants is that Ukraine not become a member of NATO. The idea of Mr. Putin is to not have an army at Russia’s borders.”

InGermany, the vice chancellor, Sigmar Gabriel, also signaled concerns about the effect of sanctions on Russia’s stability.


1 . EU : who is that?
2 . There were problems in Ukraine. So… “Let’s sanction… Russia”. After the sanctions started and continued, a war started in Ukraine. Russia makes several efforts for peace in Ukraine. EU (whoever that is) thinks: “We sanctioned, we can see it doesn’t help. As a matter of fact, things only got much worst since we sanctioned. So, let’s go on the same way. Let’s sanction Russia more.”

And the problem is not Russia’s stability. Although “EU” provokes in this way suffering to Russia’s people. What becomes totally unstable is Europe. Pushing itself  into problems, conflicts and wars which are not hers, or of its citizens.

“EU” (the name is almost ironic) goes on refusing Europe its right to follow its own way, and to relate to US and Russia on terms of equality. “EU” goes on refusing to admit the obvious: that, in the context of the world as it is, Russia has a legitimate right to have its own circle of influence, even a responsibility. And that a relation of respect, cooperation and equality with Europe and US, is all that Russia asked and wants. EU is interested in Ukraine out of own interests. Nothing else. No human interests at all. So does Russia have its own interests too. But while some interests are reasonably honest and legitimate, and can even be put in service of a balance between powerful countries, and of Humanity, others don’t.

The money lost in this cold-war game with Russia, would have been enough to pardon the debts of countries of the EU, which economy has been destroyed, like Greece and Portugal, as Germany has been pardoned of its debts after WWII. Would have been enough to help them to become able to restore themselves, as part of what EU should be striving for: a wealthy Europe, and a better world. Its exactly what was done to Germany in the past, it’s exactly the help it received, and that’s why it became the rich country it is today. Germany should be fighting for that each European country becomes as wealthy. Then Europe would have become strong and powerful. Instead of being busy cooperating with that which only divides it, and destroys it, believing in propagandas that have the power of creating something so serious as wars.


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