What is best for Scotland?

What is best for Scotland?

From tomorrow on, Europe will be one country richer. If that is good or bad for Europe and humanity, that depends on their future actions.
For the time being, they seem to be concerned with what is good for them selves, the Scottish. And from what I read, it seems that that is, well, inevitable. Scottish feel that the union of 1707, wasn’t equal and balanced, as it was supposed to be: two kingdoms united. And so they feel after these 300 years that their being a sovereign nation is a necessity in order for them to be able to take better care of themselves, since the ones who govern them didn’t as much.

The Scottish should realise one thing, though:

1 – The most of what I read that they complain about, are also the same complains of the people of sovereign nations. Sovereign countries face all kind of problems, and for either internal or external reasons, don’t always take good care of their citizens. Democracies have problems, and people who vote on apparently democratic elected governments, are often as dissatisfied with the results, as Scottish are with the way the feel unrepresented in Westminster.

2 – Personally, I believe, the sense of the existence of a country is much more related to its contribution to the whole, and its true wish to contribute to a better world, then the mere ambition of satisfying their own interests. If this last is its main aim, then their independence may be inevitable, but to tell the truth, not very exciting.

Most countries had to conquer independence with blood and thousands or millions of lives…
I don’t see why Scotland would have difficulties, given their ideal unpaired circumstances. They are brothers and sisters of the UK, they’ll make business with it and many other countries; they have had ages of learning what they need to know to stride, also at Westminster; besides resources, they have the structures that are necessary for a good survival in this complex world, a highly educated population, and they will have no difficulty in building the same or other business channels that they already use or which the UK already uses.

Unless there are plans to harm and disrupt Europe, plans which would not be fought against, and which would have a direct or indirect effect on Scotland also, I don’t see where the independence of Scotland would not be the best for the Scottish people. For now. Scotland stands strong.

As for sympathy with the UK, to say the truth, I believe that if they really weren’t prepared for that possibility, the referendum wouldn’t be happening yet. And besides, as I said, they are more like 2 big brothers…

Same family: united would be beautiful, but 300 years was a long time to have come to really mind the other kingdoms in the union. If not enough scottish vote yes, than, that is what will be more then time for !
This is what touched me most in what I have been reading: that the wealthiest country on earth, apparently didn’t really take equal care at least of it’s direct blood and spiritual family, even after hundreds of years. Why?
Nobody replies to my blog, otherwise you bet I would ask for replies: why?

Anyway, there are many other considerations, but this may be the most basic, from the perspective of trying to understand “what is best for the scottish?”. What would I be wanting if I was one of them?


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