You are being convinced that robots are people

You are being convinced that robots are people, and you are going to be convinced that robots are people.
You are supposed to busy yourself with your own life and business, as if that has any importance in the face of the advancement of this program against humanity. Against you, against all good.
It is of course a philosophical-metaphisical-religious issue before anything, and secondly a scientific, and only thirdly an economic.

Truth is that philosophy leaders have allowed this to happen, without interference, because they lost the connection with the most Divine.

I take the opportunity to say something I want to say since a few days: it is a message to my philosophy teachers.
I WAS FINDING IT GREAT !!!! I LOVED IT, even with the spiritual issues, which I always trusted I would be allowed to find my way to defend. I mean, after all, that’s exactly what I had to learn there. Right? I LOVED YOU.
AND THE INTERRUPTION was caused by personal reasons having nothing to do with the wonderful University. To have to stop, WAS JUST ANOTHER necessary BLOW I could never recover from….

Only relating to the future… I admit language is an issue, because to learn to REALLY philosophise in dutch… hum… try to be not a native and philosophise as José Marinho. Or try to philosophise in dutch to communicate with the rest of the world… these were / are realistic language issues.
Further… i think the logic chair would still give me some trouble… but maybe just a question of getting the knack of it…. (the language didn’t help, when it got to logic lessons, lol!).

Well, I just want this to stay clear.
But yes: you cannot study those guys, the big philosophers, hiding their main factor: God, etc. You get false philosophy: that should be clear to any child. Pure science: how can you get a proper understanding of something when distorting their own view and only studying it from another frame which was not theirs? You necessarily get a view which was not theirs while your wish was to do get exactly that.
And how do you understand Soul, if it doesn’t exist for you? If Soul exists, and one thinks it doesn’t, can one then be considered to understand anything at all?

Of course, the issue is also relevant for the religion students, who were, the ones I talked to, almost all, atheists. I don’t know, I write the question: that is maybe almost  comparable to robots “studying” humans, because they don’t conceive what a human being is, hence they can’t study it. “Almost” because a human being is a human being: hence, HE SHE CAN CONCEIVE GOD.

Where does this idea spreading like fire, that robots “think” come from?
Any shop keeper few years ago still had total awareness that a computer doesn’t think. It’s only a machine processing whatever program we have put into it. This consciousness is disappearing. That means: consciousness disappearing MORE, going one spiral down further in human decadence, at this time of danger. No ?


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