“By 2035, no poor countries left in the world” – Bill Gates

A (long!) reaction of mine to a comment in The Journal.ie, not to the article itself. Just to stay here registered. I’m not too happy I have to sign in with Tweeter of Facebook, so I write it here.

“By 2035, there will be almost no poor countries left in the world” – Bill Gates.

Ciaran Harford

Exactly Aaron. Whenever I’m confronted by some idealist or hard line socialist, I always come back to the question of; “Who cleans the toilets if we’re all equal?”. Simple question that’s never received a proper answer in my experience. I’m certainly not going to do it. I doubt anyone can say they wouldn’t want to live in an egalitarian utopia but that’s not going to happen until we have some kind of automated workforce to do the menial jobs. The fact is money makes the world go round and there are corrupt(able) people out there too. Highlighting Ireland’s current state; There’s a reason the real power doesn’t rest with the people / workers… Fear and ignorance of the facts, lack of education or simple idleness allows an incestuous political class to control the country. It’s the same all over Europe. Who in their right mind elects a school teacher to run a country? What qualified Enda to be Taoiseach? He wasn’t leader of FF that’s what. And the ignorant masses believed the promises that anyone who knew anything knew he COULDN’T keep. Doubt anyone could have. The fact is Pure Socialism and absolute is an ideal that is not realisable in our time. Be it because of corruption and greed in the elite or the laziness of people like long term unemployed people with no excuse. Someone is always willing to take an advantage, whatever that may be. ”

My reply to CH:

“I’m certainly not going to do it.”

Wow! You really think like that? We simply all will clean toilets, at least a few times in life.

At least, no child of mine is going out of my house without having cleaned toilets, also if boys. That makes it already a lot of times until leaving the house. Then you have at home toilet cleaning.

Later, as a job not everybody has to do it, it is not necessary, as there are not one public toilets per person. Of course there would be differences.

But do you think one can not make the life of people who have also that job, much better? Like cleaning toilets only once a months or less, while the job is distributed by lots of people? Maybe once a year is enough.

Think of a school: it’s enough to have some 400 people working at it including the kids or students, to distribute to once a year, and this taking it broadly, counting with sick people, with the one’s who can’t, etc. Once or twice a year together with an older class mate or person, having fun, cleaning good kept beautiful toilets… (much easier to keep clean when we have the experience – unless we are ill, or morning, of course).

The same for a Company !!! As a matter of fact, the top people should clean toilets! :) Like the healthy can clean for the sick… and the younger and fit to the older.

I don’t say this is the only solution. Besides, the reality is very simple: lots of public and company toilets will be for a big part cleaned by robots, or almost self-cleaning. Problem solved. That’s an example where a robot might make sense.

As a matter of fact, let the upper class and the upper guys clean toilets, and in no time they will come up with the most wonderful smart solutions. lol

So, I’m answering your comment, in relation to all other jobs like this.

You didn’t have cleaning jobs? I did, several, and loved it as I have had 2 places where people respected me… Just not something for life.

If I ever had an authority position… and after other bigger problems were solved, it wouldn’t come in my mind, people who have to have a job of cleaning public toilets all their life!!! I would regulate that those people are studying or doing other things, by which they’ll move on to something else, when they would wish. But that is not only about cleaning toilets: it’s about any mechanical job. And what’s the problem to regulate that a person is only cleaning public toilets or anything like that, part-time? Half the time with another, to begin with?

Any type of Company I would have, if past the time of struggling for survival, and safe establishment of the company, when with plenty of money, I would struggle towards my workers getting time to study and develop themselves and their health further, according to their wishes and characteristics. A question of being human. Creating conditions for people to be people, and develop spiritually.

When God said 6 days of work, that included everything that a persons needs to do in the outer world, in order to be able to dedicate a day to “getting energy from Heaven”, if you allow me to say it this way.

Did that reply the first question?

Just to avoid some confusions:

Long term unemployed? Do you realise that “half of the world” used to be “unemployed”, so called? The structure was different when most women didn’t earn money. And so it is possible to change for better again… (not saying the world is ready to do it in three easy steps – I don’t make false promises. That’s why I talk about the issues of how to come to true Charity, when people think it isn’t necessary).

You talk as if believing in a deep change, based on the same economical system as now. I don’t.

We should have robots made to clean (toilets) in schools and public offices, finally houses, instead of drones to bomb civilians, pollute our space instead of the good old postman, to make surgeries  instead of a good doctor, give food to patients instead of good alive people, increase peace instead of war, and protect Nature, and our gene-codes instead of messing them up. There are many works which can be substituted by a machine, when we would think of this before making technic in service of money interests.

What is amazing is for us to think that society has to be this hell we created on earth. Not to speak of scientific and weapon matters, it is a hell to only clean dirty toilets all of one’s life, while living in a miserable house, right? We made a hell on earth and that’s why there are trillions of cancer patients, diabetics, depressed people etc., caused by lack of sense in life, lack of ethics in science wars and economy. Their quantity has almost doubled in the last years! Why is that not thought about or mentioned in economy?

If we make a better world, instead of busying ourselves with filling those people with chemical poisons (such as vaccines): there you have at least 75% of them out of their sadness and depressions, out of their heart breaking sufferings and illnesses! And many of them, free to produce wealth, and make a better society, instead of having to fight with unnecessary illnesses which don’t heal for years.

The picture people have of an amount of money as if it is in a box from which “lazy” unemployed steal away the resources of rich countries, is unrealistic, economically and socially. It’s NOT BECAUSE OF that, or them, that capitalist or socialist systems come to the present “crisis”.

The reason, I think is because we did and tried lots of things, all of them against the basic ideas which embodied Wisdom has taught us, already 2000 years ago. The trick is in making THAT run the world, instead of a rule of money and matter over spirit and soul. As Jesus said to the powerful jewish at that time “you have the devil as your father”. Some will want to change this with all their mind and soul. Then, to exercise goodness will be less difficult then now, and what is good or not will be more clear. I hope this for the very rich of now.

Absolute equality is not needed. Why would I need to be like Bill Gates? I would probably be unable to sleep for other reasons then last night !…

The issue is to become aware of philanthropism.



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