Anyone wants to see Frida ?

Samen naar Parijs –

Exposition ends on monday. Idea is to go in the night from saturday to sunday, or early SUNDAY morning, and come back sunday night without hotel stay.


Perfect for lonely people and women to whom all that men did was to make them old tired and exhausted.
But if you are a woman and have had any other thing by chance or ever met any man who had anything kind to do with you, you may also come.

Also for people who are never invited for anything except that which you don’t feel like.

Well as long as it is someone I know and can trust.
Very little chance.

Wishing you all a wonderful icy silent desolate desperate painful ill 2014

PS – Well you see: I have been wanting  to write the question : why do so many think or behave as if I’m made of stone or iron ?
The above, is another way of asking the same.


Um pensamento em “Anyone wants to see Frida ?”

  1. Uau guys !!!!!!!
    I don’t even know how to choose !!!!!!! I THINK WE DON’T ALL FIT IN DE TREIN, AUTO – UAU – A REAL UNITY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    QUE ENTERNECEDOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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