Louise Fletcher can’t bear to watch role with Nicholson

Louise Fletcher & 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest': Nurse Ratched Actress Can't Bear To Watch The FIlm.
Louise Fletcher in ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’: Louise, who won an Oskar for best actress, can’t bear to watch nurse Ratched’s cruelty — the roll which she so brilliantly played.
Isn’t she beautiful? And I think she’s humble, maybe too modest.

Louise Fletcher & ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’: Nurse Ratched Actress Can’t Bear To Watch The FIlm.

I was searching for something today concerning “The Flew”, when I came across this article, in the Huff Post… I wanted to comment the following in their website, but they’re demanding that I open an account with Facebook, and no way I’m doing that, so here I write my comment, for the time being:

My comment to the article:
I can’t believe it that there are people who got the person Louise Fletcher, confused with her brilliant acting. But we hear that it happens — I guess specifically if it has been the role to fame — and if I’m not mistaken, that’s the reason that it seems she had to be defended, or something!?

The cruel people are the real Ratcheds out there in real life, not Louise, obviously; I mean to say, the persons and the reality she represents in this story, not necessary the nurses and the like. Behind nurses there are doctors, hospital owners, and big paramedical business. Behind doctors and business, there are Universities, and money owners and the people who invest in those businesses. Behind the “Billys”, and the “Camilles”, there are their mothers and brothers.

There are people who (would) or did give their own treasured gold just to see some innocent healthy persons being imprisoned, or/and getting a lobotomy, electric shocks or any other type of “treatment” to keep them dead alive.Those are the ones for us to remember as cruel. As a matter of fact, most of the society, and most of us indirectly, support them, and don’t say anything, and that is why they keep going, and don’t even recognise, or face their cruelty.
I know from experience that these people will do nothing which brings the great social appreciation they receive in danger. So, if those around them acted energetically, these people wouldn’t do even a third of the harm they otherwise do to their preys; and some would even make the beginning of a change.

TThanks to Fletcher’s acting & this film, so much hidden becomes visible! 

I don’t see any of Louise’s personality in Ratched, & I think they all , actors writer and film maker, did/do us all, humans, a GIANT service.” –  (end of intended comment)

Here in my blog I would say different things, because there’s no limit of words, and I’m on my own.
Some people were commenting that she did not do other great roles, or as great. I think its maybe because she felt guilty for this role, or made to fell guilty, though I can’t know.
There are millions of people out there doing cruel things everyday, also legally, in laboratories or selling arms, in war, in financial, and so many ways. Besides, a Ratched who would recognise her cruelty, and repent (be sorry for that which was wrong), — which is the essential thing to happen  — would not be cruel anymore !

So, I hope Louise Fletcher maybe still gets a  great role, as this one was, and gets rid of an undeserved guilt feeling, or negative appreciation for her role, Of course I don’t want to come in her life or privacy, don’t know her, and don’t know if my suppositions are true. I’m the person who knows less of the film world, as everybody knows, — and she’s retired, right? — but I remember to have seen this which she speaks about already when she got her Oscar, which by chance I watched on youtube. Of course, her realisation that the roll was cruel, makes it painful to watch…  that’s what the film is about: If every  person who really did cruelties would have the consciousness of the actor Louise Fletcher, God’s kingdom would already have spread on earth.
Sorry for so much rambling about someone else. But: how much consciousness do we have of the cruelty of the everyday world which WE feed and keep going, while walking around with a happy face, and even get well payed for?

Another issue that was mentioned in the comments was the Bible. Whatever is going on… (?) Yes, about the Bible, it’s true. But how many have taken up Swedenborg to read? Until that time, it is not known what I’m talking about, when I talk about the Bible. And funny enough, it’s my next subject; it’s the New Year Swedenborg subject I had chosen to make a video about: that God is not cruel.


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