A President and a People in my Thoughts

Dear Americans

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Portugal has had health care for all people, since a long time. (Please let us go on like that.)

Now about guns:

Crime Statistics > Murders with firearms (most recent) by country

Total recorded intentional homicides committed with a firearm.
Showing latest available data.

Rank Countries   Amount  
# 1   South Africa: 31,918
# 2   Colombia: 21,898
# 3   Thailand: 20,032
# 4   United States: 9,369
# 5   Philippines: 7,708
# 21   Portugal: 90
# 23   Switzerland: 68
# 25   Australia: 59
# 26   Sweden: 58
# 28   Japan: 47
= 39   United Kingdom: 14
= 39   Denmark: 14
# 41   Ireland: 12
# 42   New Zealand: 10
# 43   Chile: 9
# 44   Cyprus: 4
# 45   Morocco: 1
= 46   Oman: 0
= 46   Luxembourg: 0
= 46   Iceland: 0
Total: 100,693
Weighted average: 2,097.8

According to the 2012 Global Peace Index rankings, Portugal is the 16th most peaceful country in the world.
This proves that people don’t defend themselves better against criminality by having guns.
Portugal was among the less criminal countries in the world, although it is more criminal now, for the reasons which you can read underneath.
We don’t like guns. But t
he fact that we don’t have them, doesn’t make it that more people rob and break in our houses. On the contrary, fewer do. A lot less, as you can see. 

Quote From the Wikipedia
<<<  “Crime in Portugal is characterized by low levels of gun violence and homicide, compared to other developed countries.
The crime rate rose in the 1990s, bringing it to an all-time high during much of this period. It still is low compared to other developed countries and has decreased in the 2000s.
However, violent crime has risen during the same period and reached record highs. Portugal’s security and peace indicators compare very favourably to other countries.  Portugal has a relatively low rate of violent crime; however, petty crime is a reality in some areas.
Crime was a major source of discontent, and sentiment that Portugal was becoming increasingly unsafe since the country became a destination for MANY  thousand emigrants from diverse locations around the globe (in particular from Brazil Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, and the former Portuguese territories in Africa – after 1990.” >>>     end quote.

The regions where they pick pocket and assault nowadays, are the regions where I used to live, and I can confirm that they were safe and peaceful before, as well as the fact that we can see who are the guilty
In Portugal, presidents have not been shot — specially not the best ones. Nor are our best singers, artists, religious leaders or journalists, systematically shot. What is the secret?
America has a long way to go, to become peaceful. But in that long way, of what help are the guns?

I have been personally a victim of assault. And I can assure from experience that to have a  gun would not have made a difference.
The fact that there’s so little criminality in other countries, in comparison to US, proves that there are other ways to make a better world, and american’s world, a better one.

American’s attachment to guns, comes from its History of starting in war, remaining in war, projecting to remain in war, and forcing the world into war. This is the thing to fear! Is the violence in american’s country, a mirror, an outward sign of the violence that it’s Governments has inflicted on so many people in the world, arming it’s countries?
Yes, we need a defence, and we need and are happy to be defended, or defend others if in total justice, and to belong to an Alliance.  But we all know may now know and see that the way to change that, is through education, philosophy, spirituality, religion, ethics, understanding, sharing and giving the good example, justice, law. And in my vision, doing what JC told us to do. Should this last be my private matter? Well, I think war and peace aren’t a private matter.

We, in Europe, we have even eliminated the guns from the toys of our kids. If not all of us, then at least most of us. I don’t remember to have seen children playing with a gun or war toy anywhere.
All but for one boy,  the other day: he was from a middle east country; he didn’t have legs, hardly arms or hands: with what was left of his body, he was drawing guns and american war drones in the sky, bombing him, his parents and his village. It wasn’t science fiction, for him, nor a film. It is the only reality he has known. 

Violence begets violence. Hate begets hate. I am often surprised to see how easily people forget this. How easily they think to solve problems with violence.
Many are even guided by the example of the French Revolution. Not mentioning, that from the very first day, that revolution turned into it’s opposite, by it’s violence: the result of this was that it has never come to be the liberation it promised. It was just one more way to massacres innocent people, and after it, History has not become any better or different as far as cruelty and barbarism is concerned.

The only Revolution, will be the revolution of discovering how to make a Kingdom of “Pax Vera”.
It’s not with guns that we can do that. It’s with the perfume of roses, lotus flowers and carnations. In Porto-graal, that’s what we want to come out of our guns.

(not inspired writing, let me take it as notes – to be made better, if time or concentration would allow. )


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