Hitchens On Hitler – YouTube

This one is shocking …. the thing about the ex-comuniction about the divorce, and not about the rest. Ex-comunications about an abortion of a raped child, and no ex-comunication of Hitler or others like him?
What on earth?
Who can bear it?
That is why we have to create something so new…
And my friends say they left me…

But i add that Hitler came in power with the help of the free-masons and nobody talks about that. Besides, he was anti-christian, anti-catholic too.
It was not only the Church who didnt turn against him: neither did Heidegger, the most famous conductor on earth, and… Gandhi.
i think theres something fishy about the fact that only that is mentioned. How about the other people who helped him? Many protestants among them? Free-masons? I dont know, I am just asking, because i dont believe in the surface of things. And if the man was mad and a psychopath, then the ones around him, were worst.
I am rather engaged with doing my best against these kind of horrors….

Hitchens On Hitler – YouTube.

Quem me dera que em breve fosse de outra maneira


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