Obama peace prize win polarizes Web – CNN.com

Obama peace prize win polarizes Web – CNN.com.

“Ridiculous! Barack Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize. I am wondering what for? Replacing Bush? So far he has accomplished virtually nothing!”

“If Obama deserves the Noble Peace Prize then so does every Miss America contestant who babbles about world peace.”

“Can someone explain? I thought award was for accomplishments, not intentions.”

Others point to the irony of awarding the peace prize to someone who is presiding over two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He wrote: “So Barack Obama wins Nobel prize for literature for his books and not peace – cos last I heard Afghanistan is still a war zone.”

While Poipoi91, from Paris, wondered if “they couldn’t find anyone else for the title.”

Some like markknoller from Washington DC, said the title is “worth nothing,” because “Obama took office less than 10 days before the Feb. 1 deadline for Nobel Prize nominations.”

Meanwhile kzamri writing from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, said: “How can Obama get the Nobel Peace Prize hours before the U.S. is supposed to bomb the Moon?!” in reference to NASA’s attempt to crash a probe into the lunar surface a few hours after Obama’s win.


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